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Your Guide to the Week of March 28th, 2022april 24 2021 horoscope

Your Guide to the Week of March 28th, 2022april 24 2021 horoscope

Your Guide to the Week of March 28th, 2022april 24 2021 horoscope

Read your Astrology Guide to the Week of March 28th: a usable and concise toolkit for the week’s upcoming astrology.

Themes 🌈 … Renewal of vows, boundaries as self-care, the bittersweet, 3-2-1 blastoff, candid camera, lightbulb moment 

What’s happening 🔮 … 

March 28th: Venus conjoins Saturn at 12:27 pm PTMarch 31st: New Moon in Aries at 11:24 pm PTApril 2nd: Mercury conjoins the Sun (cazimi) at 4:11 pm PT

What you’ll need 🎒 … Friendship bracelets, line in the sand, wilting rose emoji, whatever makes you feel gloriously alive, an antenna to the heavens

How to make the most of this week 🎯 … The week begins with a pang of unrequited longing, or the urgent need for a bawling fit. Marshall your most emo playlist, adorn your altar with goth calla lilies, and revel in the melancholy. Imagine the cortisol being purged from your body like a wrung cloth. By March 31st, the New Moon in Aries dries up any tears shed. Now is the time to plant the seeds of whatever lights a fire under your tush.  There are thousands of people less qualified than you doing “the thing” — so what are you waiting for? If you’re not sure of the shape of your next passion project, keep your intuition switched all the way on  to download cosmic intel on April 2nd. As Mercury is invited for an audience with the Sun, the ideas that light sparks in your heart are revealed. 

Tarot card of the week 🃏 … The Crone of Wands is not afraid to claim its power, or step into the flames of sovereign creativity. As warm and gregarious as this archetype can be, this Crone is also a master at saying “no — not today.” Like the hearth fire that requires careful tending, this card asks us to nurture our passion, mirth, and wildness. Balancing intuition and authority, the Crone’s bewitching charisma gathers many in its thrall. The fiery revelations of our New Moon, as well as the cazimi in Aries soon after, help us unapologetically grab our soul-purpose by the horns. 

Affirmation of the week 😌 … I make it my mission to focus on what I can do to manifest my creative talents in the world, rather than obsessing over what I don’t think I am good at.

What to read and listen to 📚 … Your horoscopes for the Sun and Mercury in Aries and Venus in Aquarius; your reading and guided meditation for the week. 

Read your horoscope to see how this New Moon in Aries is impacting you!

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april 24 2021 horoscopeYour Guide to the Week of March 28th, 2022

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