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Weekly Horoscope, November 22-November 28, 2020: Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer, and other signs2022 leo predictions

Weekly Horoscope, November 22-November 28, 2020: Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer, and other signs2022 leo predictions

Weekly Horoscope, November 22-November 28, 2020: Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer, and other signs2022 leo predictionsHoroscope Today November 7, 2020: Sagittarius, Leo, Libra, and other signs — check astrological predictionARIES (21 Mar – 20 Apr.)

Your principle planetary patterns still focus on money. There are no indications of long-term changes so, if you’re coping with major personal or professional complications, these are almost certainly a hang-over from the past.

TAURUS (21 Apr. – 21 May)

At last you’re coming out of your shell, and when your confidence is at its height, you may surprise friends by your willingness to take the lead. Your mood is generally lively and yet you are still keeping your desires to yourself.

GEMINI (22 May – 21 June)

You can afford to take a fairly laid-back approach. After all, everything – or almost everything – is going your way. You will soon have a spring in your step and a winning way with words. You may, though, forget the facts, especially as Friday approaches.×1.png

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CANCER (22 June – 23 July)

You have to lay down the law at home, but you can’t actually make other people obey your every word! All you can do is rely on the power of persuasion – and hope against hope that it succeeds! If you’re chasing a new job, a friend will point you in the right direction.

LEO (24 July – 23 Aug.)

You may press on with professional and other worldly ambitions and don’t listen to people who seem determined to undermine you. And if you can get away from your usual environment for a few days, you’ll do yourself a power of good.

VIRGO (24 Aug. – 23 Sept.)

Sometimes you feel as if you’re in danger of being left behind. You probably imagine that other people are making all the running, which doesn’t seem particularly fair. However, you may actually benefit by hanging back and letting partners take the lead.

LIBRA (24 Sept. – 23 Oct.)

Marital matters look light and bright, but are heading for passion towards the end of the week. And when that happens you really can’t say whether the simplest matters will work out as planned. The Moon, which heightens your emotions, is heading straight for sensitive regions of your chart.

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SCORPIO (24 Oct. – 22 Nov.)

Positive financial news is on the way, and you’ll soon hear the details. There might be a few surprises, although by and large, the results should be as expected. At work, though, you may have to wait another month for a decision on that new responsibility.

SAGITTARIUS (23 Nov. – 22 Dec.)

Those two tough planets, Jupiter and Saturn, are pulling you in two directions. So, you can’t really be blamed if you feel stuck between irreconcilable options. Good, solid family relationships are a priority in the meantime.

CAPRICORN (23 Dec. – 20 Jan.)

This week is almost perfect for leisure, pleasure and love. All you have to do is clear your diary and make sure that you’re in the right place at the right time. At home, there’s still a chance of a surprise party or a little extra colour and comfort.

AQUARIUS (21 Jan. – 19 Feb.)

Nothing stays the same for ever. In fact, you’re coming up to rush hour in the romantic department. But why exactly are partners so impatient or irritable? Mars, planet of war, is also stirring up hidden feelings, encouraging you to stand up for yourself.

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PISCES (20 Feb. – 20 Mar.)

Hope springs eternal. At least that’s what we’re told! But never forget that simple motto when you feel weighed down by the cares of the world, or just plain worn out. This is not an easy moment for all you delicate souls, but faith in the future will now definitely see you through.

2022 leo predictionsWeekly Horoscope, November 22-November 28, 2020: Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer, and other signs

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