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Make Your Own Tarot Card Pouch (That Doubles as a Spread Cloth!)sagittarius toxic

Make Your Own Tarot Card Pouch (That Doubles as a Spread Cloth!)sagittarius toxic

Make Your Own Tarot Card Pouch (That Doubles as a Spread Cloth!)sagittarius toxic

Let’s get in the spooky spirit and make a magic folding Tarot pouch. This no-sewing-machine-necessary pouch can be unfolded to reveal a soft and supple reading mat — perfect for the cardslinger on the go. It’ll take less than an hour to sew up and will be the envy of everyone in your coven.


Outer Fabric: Cut to 17”x17”. Avoid stretchy or super thick fabrics. Both will result in uncool, unfoldable little cases.Felt: Cut to 17”x17”. Don’t go cheap on this one. Most felt is made of acrylic, gross. Instead opt for some 100% wool felt that will keep your cards nice and happy.¼” elastic: Cut to a 10” lengthEmbroidery NeedleEmbroidery FlossOne Sewing PinThreadScissors

Let’s Get Started!

In order for your pouch to fold up nicely, the elastic must be attached at a specific area on the 17″ square of outer fabric.

Draw the elastic placement mark 3” down from the top edge and 9 ½” in from the outer edge.

Fold the elastic in half and pin the edges to the placement mark on your fabric, with the length of the elastic toward the center of the fabric.

Sew this elastic loop in place by either machine sewing or by hand.

With wrong sides together, make a felt and fabric sandwich, matching up each edge to one another. The texture of the felt will most likely keep your fabric from shifting while you do your stitching.

The Blanket Stitch

This stitch will join the outer fabric and felt together while also creating a decorative edging for your tarot card pouch.

Start by threading an embroidery needle with floss. Bring the thread through the eye of the needle and let a few inches hang loose. Tie a knot at the end of the longer thread strand and let the other strand of thread flow freely.

Bring the needle up through the felt side to the fabric side about ¼” away from the raw edge.

Bring the needle down into the fabric approx ¼” away from the other stitch and ¼” from the edge, creating a loop between the two stitches.

Before pulling the loop tight, thread your needle through the loop.

Pull the needle tightly and you will have created your first blanket stitch.

Continue traveling approximately ¼” along the edge, catching the loop and pulling through.

Continue stitching all four sides of your fabric and felt sandwich.

The Magic Folding

Place the mat fabric side down with the elastic on the top edge, away from you.

The key to the magic folding is to mentally divide the square into thirds widthwise and fours heightwise. Place the deck one row up and in the middle. After your fold your fabric a couple of times, the folds will begin to keep their shape, making it easier to place your deck correctly.

Fold both side edges towards the center of the mat to the opposite edge of the tarot deck.

Fold the bottom portion to the top edge of the tarot deck.

Lastly, double fold the top portion into itself, bring the edge to the top edge of the deck and then over the deck. Wrap the elastic loop around your neatly folded pouch and you’re all done!

The night is dark and full of terrors but your deck will be safe and sound from all the bad vibes from here on out.

sagittarius toxicMake Your Own Tarot Card Pouch (That Doubles as a Spread Cloth!)

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