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Mercury Retrograde in Gemini Is Sure to Be a Wild Ride!free will astrology capricorn

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini Is Sure to Be a Wild Ride!free will astrology capricorn

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini Is Sure to Be a Wild Ride!free will astrology capricornMercury Retrograde in Gemini Is Sure to Be a Wild Ride!

By Gray Crawford

May 28, 2021

Mercury stations retrograde on May 29, 2021, at 24°43’ Gemini,

and stations direct on June 22, 2021, at 16°07’ Gemini.

Mercury will station retrograde in Gemini on May 29 during an extremely volatile astrological period. Not only will Mercury shift retrograde in between a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius and a solar eclipse in Gemini, the second exact square aspect between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus will also take place while Mercury is retrograde in Gemini.

As a result, we can expect endings, beginnings, and major turning points in our stories to occur while navigating the retrograde movement of Gemini. Due to Gemini being a mutable sign, there will be a need to adjust to numerous changes occurring at once. During this transit, flexibility will be key in order to shift our focus back and forth between tasks and issues.

Mercury will begin its retrograde phase while forming a conjunction with Venus and a disorienting square aspect with Neptune in Pisces that will call the relationship between our values and beliefs into question. Since Gemini is the airy domicile of Mercury, it will be important to listen to different viewpoints and investigate the nuances of whatever information we receive, using critical thinking skills while processing our understanding. We will need to hold multiple perspectives and be willing to shed old beliefs we realize have been distorting our perception.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini Key Dates

May 14: Mercury enters retrogradeshadow zone (16°07’ – 24°43’ Gemini)

May 17: Mercury at maximumelongation (begins to slow down)

May 29: Mercury stationsretrograde at 24°43’ Gemini

June 10: Mercury conjunct the sunat 20°21’ Gemini (closest to Earth)

June 22: Mercury stations directat 16°07’ Gemini

July 5: Mercury at maximumelongation (begins to speed up)

July 7: Mercury leaves retrograde shadow zone

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini Effects

-Most intense for: Gemini You are known for having a flexible mind, Gemini, and you will need to draw upon all of your talents for holding differing perspectives while Mercury is retrograde in your sign. There will also be a solar eclipse taking place in Gemini, signifying that you will have major life events taking place that will radically reshape your life. Hold the intention for what you wish to create while remaining nimble enough to flow with unexpected changes.   -Most challenging for: Virgo, Pisces, and Sagittarius Mercury’s retrograde movement through Gemini will be especially challenging for the mutable signs due to an eclipse occurring in Gemini that will form a disorienting square aspect with Neptune in Pisces, corresponding with major changes occurring in your life. You may need to process some disillusioning experiences, but on the positive side, you will ultimately be able to reorient toward greater clarity on the other side of the transits.   -Most beneficial for: Aquarius and Libra Since Aquarius and Libra are the other two air signs, you can utilize the flowing trine formed by Mercury being retrograde in Gemini to make pivotal analyses of whatever has been working effectively or ineffectively in your life. Be on the lookout for new viewpoints that bring you inspiration and catalyze your imagination into new creative directions.

A Ritual to Harness the Magic ofthis Transit

When Mercury stations retrograde on May 29, take stock of your life and make a mind map, list, drawing, or some other representation of however you feel you need to change and grow. Keep the core meaning in mind during the following weeks of Mercury moving retrograde, taking deliberate action to release what you want to let go of and move in your desired direction.

During the solstice time of June 20 or June 21 while Mercury is beginning to station direct, create a ritual to honor and bless the ways you have constructively altered your life during the past three weeks. At sunrise, ask Mercury to bless the new presence you are embodying and envision the new ideas you wish to create in the season ahead. Commit to bring the new inspiration into reality, and create a poem, drawing, or craft to consecrate and keep as a remembrance of your oath to Mercury.

Horoscopes for Mercury RetrogradeAries to Libra Aries:

It’s time to question your beliefs about your role in your community and thecommunication style and strategy you have been using to get your messageacross. If you have a website or utilize social media as part of your work, usethe three weeks of Mercury retrograde to make a thorough review and reappraisalof how well you are aligning your messaging with your authentic values. Becurious about your dreams and the different perspectives opened throughexploring the meaning of images emerging from your unconscious.


You’ve already been experiencing significant internal shifts this year thathave been reshaping your vocational calling. Now with Mercury retrograde inGemini, your focus will become drawn toward contemplating how well yourfinancial habits reflect the inner changes you have been experiencing in yourvalues. Take time to reflect upon your aspirations and career goals and whetheryou have been investing in supportive resources or not. Be on the lookout fornew income streams and ways to make money from the things you are passionateabout working on.


Mercury retrograde in your sign can bring about fundamental changes in theway you operate in the world. Reflect upon your vision regarding the role youwant to play in society and to what degree you have been fulfilling youraspirations. Be open to questioning your beliefs and integrating newperspectives that could inspire you to formulate goals in a new direction. Ifyou have been feeling disillusioned about your work or your public role, thethree weeks of Mercury retrograde will be ideal for reimagining your vocationalcalling.


Mercury retrograde in Gemini will call you to explore your unconsciousdepths, Cancer. Make space when possible to spend time alone away from othersand your busy schedule so you can come into contact with hidden messagescontained within your inner depths. Larger changes will likely be taking placewithin your collaborative projects with others or within groups that youparticipate in, and so getting some time in solitude will help you in sortingthrough how to adapt to the shifts taking place.


Mercury retrograde in Gemini will be a potent time for reflecting upon youraspirations and reconsidering your hopes for the future based upon the changesthat have been taking place within your relationships. Let your imagination runwild regarding the role you want to play in the world, and then reflect uponassociations that you could join that are aligned with your vocationalinspiration. If you are already participating in a group aligned with yourcalling, explore if there is a more fulfilling role for you to play that’saligned with your purpose.


It’s time to bring your discerning eye into the role you have been playingin public and to what degree you have been fulfilling your larger careerambitions. It will also be important to review your relational dynamics withothers to determine the relationships that inspire you to be your best versusthe ones that have been disrupting your life in ways that have prevented youfrom doing the work you want to do. Make time for focused practice and study ofthe material that is aligned with your core purpose.


Let the journey of Mercury being retrograde open your mind to new viewpointsand perspectives that inspire new ideas for you to work on. You may becomedrawn toward exploring spirituality in new ways, or you may instead becomeinspired to consider a new philosophical viewpoint that causes you to raisequestions about your beliefs. While it can be an inventive time forintellectual and spiritual pursuits, it’s also a time for getting serious aboutwhat brings you pleasure and focusing on becoming more involved with activitiesyou are passionate about.


It’s a good thing you enjoy investigating hidden matters, Scorpio, for theperiod of Mercury being retrograde in Gemini will invite you to penetrate thehidden recesses of your psyche. Keep a dream journal so you can track themeaning of images emerging in your subconscious. Within external events, youwill need to reappraise your shared resources with others in both yourprofessional and personal relationships. As you continue to strengthen thefoundation of your life, make sure you are striking the right balance in yourgiving and receiving with others.


The period of Mercury being retrograde in Gemini will correspond withsignificant changes in your relationships, Sagittarius, with previouslyconcealed information entering your awareness. Important relationships mayenter or leave your life, or you may reach a new stage of development withinexisting ones. If you have an online presence it can be a good time to reassessthe way you are communicating your message and identity to others, makingadjustments to be more aligned with the essential meaning you want to convey.


Use your practical eye to review your daily habits and routines so you maybecome more efficient and focused on the work you want to do in the world.While Mercury is retrograde in Gemini, you will be able to steadily assess howwell you are using your available time and any areas of your life where youhave been dissipating resources. If you have been experiencing any restrictionswith your finances, it will be a good time to make a budget and determine howto make more out of less.


You are in the middle of a process of redefining who you are, and the periodof Mercury retrograde in Gemini will lead you to consider if you are makingspace for interests you feel passionate about. Make time to focus on thingsthat you are inspired by and be willing to experiment with new styles ofcreative expression. If you are in a romantic relationship, it will also be agood time to get out of old routines with your partner and do new thingstogether that can be an exciting change.


You will likely need to pull back from your career concerns to focus on yourinner life and home environment. If you have a lot of external responsibilitiesto manage, make sure to set aside some time and space each day to have somesolitary time so that you can process the deeper emotional shifts you areexperiencing internally. It can also be a good time for cleaning andreorganizing your living space, redecorating, and rearranging your home.Focusing on your inner foundations now will lead to important developments inyour public work.


free will astrology capricornMercury Retrograde in Gemini Is Sure to Be a Wild Ride!

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